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Our Process for Sellers – Independent Elevator Contractors or Suppliers

Confidential Review of your Business

Because of the extensive amount of time and effort we commit to each seller relationship, we work only on the basis of exclusive representation. We will spend the necessary time to fully understand what you as a seller would like to achieve from the sale. This ensures that we focus on the steps best taken to help you get what you want. This is true if your intent is to work for the combined business or to exit completely and ensure good opportunities for family or key employees.

We avoid charging significant engagement fees that are assessed by the larger investment banking and M&A firms. We are very selective in the seller relationships we accept and Buyer/Seller contact is performed personally by principals of Lift Business Advisors, Inc. As a result, we are very effective in both negotiating and closing transactions as well as in maintaining confidentiality.

Confidentiality Maintained Throughout the Process

An interested buyer must enter into a Confidentiality Agreement with us on your behalf prior to receiving any information about your company including the identity of your business. We work to ensure that potential buyers maintain and respect this confidentiality up until a sale is completed.

Confidential Business MemorandumThat Tells & Sells The Story Of Your Business

Collectively we have more than 70 years of experience in the elevator industry and we have expertise in fact gathering, analysis and corporate valuation. Most privately held firms show minimal taxable profits yet corporate earnings are often one of the fundamental metrics used to determine value.

We have expertise in developing recast income statements that demonstrate the achievable corporate earning power of your business. We will generate an information package that captures the true value of your business and conveys this succinctly and professionally to interested buyers.

Prospect Generation

We have existing relationships with all National, Regional and Multi-National elevator companies that actively purchase independent elevator companies. We will make contact with as broad a group of potential buyers as makes sense to ensure that you benefit from a competitive process.

We also know companies outside of North America who evaluate opportunities for entering the North American market. In addition, we maintain a proprietary database listing thousands of potential corporate and private equity firms that are interested in purchasing profitable middle market companies.


We will work with you to screen interested acquiring entities to determine who should be invited for a more extensive meeting prior to a bid date and we will facilitate these meetings.

Bidding Process

We will orchestrate this process and analyze the bids to ensure that proposals can be compared and evaluated for the best results for you. This includes leading the negotiation process for a Letter of Intent that preserves your interest and maximizes value.

Our active involvement throughout steps listed here also enables you to continue to focus on managing your business and your all important relationships with customers and employees.

Finalizing The Transaction – Due Diligence & Negotiating The Purchase Agreement

Upon entering a Letter of Intent (LOI) the buyer will pursue extensive due diligence to fully verify and completely understand what they are purchasing and we remain in a consultative role for the seller throughout due diligence.

We are also actively engaged with you during the process of negotiating the Purchase Agreement. While ultimate decisions are typically made by the principals and appropriate advisors, we have participated in more than 80 different successful selling scenarios. We continually draw from this wealth of experience to recommend alternative solutions that can help both parties achieve an agreeable outcome.

Transition After The Sale

A well conceived and negotiated sale must include detailed transition plans representing the interests of the seller that are also acceptable to the buyer. Retention of customers, contracts and employees are contingent upon a smooth transition and we will assist the seller to achieve this.

Post Closing Assistance

We remain actively involved during the first year post closing to ensure that the seller achieves the best possible results in securing withheld funds and other terms of the holdback.

Our Process for Buyers of Independent Elevator Contractors or Suppliers

In addition to representing sellers of independent elevator contracts and supply companies we also have significant buy side experience. If you are interested in growing your business through expansion of an independent elevator company can assist you as follows:

  • Identification of suitable target companies;
  • Entering into Confidentiality Agreements;
  • Valuing the target company;
  • Developing a proposal for acquiring the business;
  • Negotiating a Letter of Intent;
  • Building your plan for due diligence;
  • Working with you in negotiating a Purchase Agreement;

Finalizing the transaction with you including advising on transition steps.