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Whether it is the sale of a privately owned business or the divestiture of a subsidiary, certain basics almost always apply:

  • The dollars involved are significant. The value of a business often represents the bulk of an Owner’s net worth, the results of a lifetime of work, or a valuable corporate asset.
  • Most sellers lack experience in business valuation and in the process of selling a business. However, Buyers tend to be more experienced in these areas and quite likely are engaged full time in acquiring businesses.
  • The search for qualified Buyers is best done by an experienced intermediary.
  • Lift can create a competitive bidding environment that will ensure the best possible price and terms for the buyer;
  • Selling one’s business is usually an emotional lifetime milestone. These emotions are natural and often an excellent sign of the degree of personal care expended by a seller in their business. However, these emotions can cloud judgment and potentially even hinder the selling process. Using Lift Business Advisors allows the seller to take the emotions out of the selling process;
  • The selling process is extremely time consuming for owners who are typically an integral part of an efficient and cost-effective team. Using Lift Business Advisors allows the seller to focus on running their business and keeping customers and employers happy. In many cases a seller trying to both run the business and manage the selling process sees some deterioration in their effectiveness at both.

While an owner can sell their business without Lift Business Advisors, in most cases they’ll admit at the end that they wish they had known at the beginning all they had learned through the process. We allow you to accelerate that learning curve by sharing those often hard earned lessons from Day 1.