Jessica Hellman

Adjunct Business Advisor

Jessica is an accomplished consultant with over 10 years experience in identifying inefficiencies and lost opportunities in sales, marketing, and operations through data analysis. She’s successfully implemented changes that ultimately help companies make more money. She also has performed market entry analysis in various industries.

She has relevant elevator industry experience including working as a Project Manager for City Elevator in New York prior to their sale of the business in 2016 and also assisting with their winding down operations post-closing.

Jessica has extensive knowledge of a range of elevator information systems Including Total Service. She supports Lift Business Advisors in their work with independent elevator companies in route mapping, operations analysis, customer satisfaction surveys, website design and optimization and marketing efforts.

She also assists Lift and our sellers during the due diligence phase and she is well versed in the selling process from NDA execution to closing and post-closing activities.

Jessica has a B.S. degree from Eastern Michigan in Mathematics and a Masters of Science Degree from the University of Michigan.

When she’s not volunteering at the Hoboken Shelter or walking her two dogs, Heidi and Valentino, she’s working on improving service in the elevator industry through the use of shared information and accurate benchmarking. To read more about the project please visit